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In Mrs. Pollards Classroom

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9/14 Class, What is an Ecosystem

We will be using 9 x 12 art paper for their creations. The students have been exploring a variety of abstract art techniques this year. Alma Thomas is an African American 20th century artist. She is one of the most influential artists during this time period. We will be learning about her life and artistic style. Students will have the opportunity to create artwork inspired by her techniques, style and inspirations.

Of course, everyone is encouraged to adapt, create and use their own creative choices too. Let's Create and Innovate in Art. Procedures for Creating your Flower -watch the video without any materials on desks -stop to show and discuss how the coins are used to create the large circle in the middle of the flower. One Point Perspective - Cityscape. Evening Forest Perspective Paintings by Mrs. Filmore Using previous knowledge on creating tints from 4th grade and enhancing their knowledge of perspective falling for foreshortening lesson students first used a blue and white paint palette to create tints of blue to create their evening sky.

Sculpture Figures based upon Giamotti's artistic style. Windows: Exploring Symmetrical Objects in Art. Practice Answer a few questions on each word. Get one wrong? We'll ask some follow-up questions. Use it to prep for your next quiz! I pointed to where our village lay, on the flat in-shore among the alder-trees and pollards, a mile or more from the church. My father's family name being Pirrip, and my Christian name Philip, my infant tongue could make of both names nothing longer or more explicit than Pip.

Students should get their login sheets on an as needed basis to log into the network as well as their various online accounts. Absences - It is the responsibility of students to see what work was missed when absent. Students will have one day per each excused absence to make up the missed work. Please check with me for copies of handouts and directions that are needed to make up missed work. Extensions may be granted on a case by case basis for long term projects, but in most cases long term projects will be due on the normal due date unless there has been an extended amount of missed school days during the project time period. Problem Solving - One of the primary goals of this course is to encourage creative thinking, troubleshooting, and the engineering design process.

For this reason I will often expect students to solve their own problems and answer their own questions. When it comes to technology there will often be times that even I do not know the answer to the question. In those cases I usually go to the Internet to look for solutions to the problem. I want my students to be able to also learn to do this. There may be times that we are searching or troubleshooting together to find the answer or solution.

Computers - Computers, chromebooks, printers, and iPads are the property of the school. Students will not use these devices without explicit permission. There are many days that we will not be using computers or devices at all. Students should not log into the computer without permission. Students will be given permission to use the computers many days. On those days they are to follow the directions they are given. Students are absolutely not allowed to be on websites that have not been assigned for the day.

Students are also not allowed to have multiple tabs open and flip back and forth to hide what they are doing on hidden tabs. Students are not allowed to use the computers to stream music or videos of any kind, at any time, unless Mrs. Pollard gives permission. Students are not allowed to download any software, games, or other programs without permission from Mrs. Students are also not allowed to search for or view sites that are inappropriate for school. These computer use rules apply during study hall and also when using chromebooks and iPads. Failure to follow this set of rules will result in consequences up to and including the suspension of technology privileges, parental contact, referral to the office, and detention.

Some students chose to abuse the privilege of being able to set a background in the past, so we are not doing this any more. There was also a large amount of class time wasted by students thinking they could use class time to change these settings. This policy may be revisited at some point in the future. End of Class - I will tell the class when it is time to line up. Students are not permitted to line up or go out into the hallway without permission. This includes going back to their homeroom classes, using the restroom, or getting a drink. Students will not leave the classroom without permission. Once permission is given to line up, students will do so without talking or touching each other.

Students at the end of the line will also be watched and will be given consequences if they fail to line up and wait for dismissal properly. Students who touch the board, computers, or other students while lining up will be issued an appropriate consequence. Headphones - All students are required to have a set of headphones. This is on the school supply list and is not optional. Headphones are required for class every day.

Headphones will not be stored in the lab and must be brought with students every single day. Consequences will be issued for not being prepared for class. Folders and Notebooks - Every student 6th-8th will have his or her own folder in the computer lab. We will use these folders to store important handouts as well as projects and assignments that are ongoing or incomplete. There will also be bins of notebooks available for you to use on an as-needed basis. Supplies - I provide a number of supplies that will be needed for projects throughout the year.

You may use these supplies if you ask permission first. I usually have colored pencils, markers, crayons, scissors, glue, and paper. Students who do not put the supplies away properly or break items on purpose will need to provide his or her own supplies to use. Students should bring their own pencils to class every day. The pens, pencils, markers, stapler, and other supplies on Mrs.

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