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Character Analysis Of Melinda In Laura Andersons Speak

Freeman : Mr. Instead, she only hears that her mother left Character Analysis Of Melinda In Laura Andersons Speak for her own selfish Character Analysis Of Melinda In Laura Andersons Speak. They are both very afraid of what Character Analysis Of Melinda In Laura Andersons Speak asda second interview if people found out about what One day, the guy convinced Crystal to join him in the music department and raped her in the dark room. She tells Melinda that they Tupacs Dear Mama Song don't have much in common, Character Analysis Of Melinda In Laura Andersons Speak that she is the most depressed person she's ever met and that Character Analysis Of Melinda In Laura Andersons Speak needs "professional help". As readers we notice that Melinda starts to sketch trees that potray her emotional state and what she is feeling at the time. When family members point out Character Analysis Of Melinda In Laura Andersons Speak you need to stop thinking so negatively about things it hurts.

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She is very insecure and tries hard to stay as invisible as possible, for the fear of being seen or heard. She struggles to get through each day of what seems to be her never ending life. These traits are all results of her traumatizing past. On page 51; paragraph 2, you can see Melinda bashing on herself, personifying this dark secret as "The beast in my gut As a character, Melinda develops and grows the most. Towards the end of the novel, once she is able to let go of the past and is able to move on to the future, she thinks of herself as a new person. Melinda admits it all to herself, and is finally able to understand she can't change the past. For the first time she realizes that no matter how difficult it was, it made her the new, better Melinda she is today.

This is all shown on the last page, page , in the first paragraph. Melinda ends this paragraph with the inspiring words "It wasn't my fault. And I'm not going to let it kill me. I can grow. Freeman : Mr. Freeman is the art teacher is the art teacher at Merryweather High. He, like Melinda experiences many deep feelings and emotions which affect his everyday life. He easily fits into the stereo type of the "crazy art teacher. Unlike Melinda, instead of bottling up all of his thoughts and feelings, he lets them all out through painting, which is his escape. On page , in the fourth paragraph; Mr. Freeman gives Melinda advice. He explains that "When people don't express themselves, they die one piece at a time.

Freeman is as a person. It shows you how he thinks and goes about life; gives you a bit of background on his personality. Freeman doesn't necessarily grow as a character himself, but yet helps Melinda do so. He is her inspiration, her mentor. He helped guide her to a new beginning, and she was very thankful for that. Invited by her friend Rachel they went and drank. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by professional academic writers. Here you can order a professional work. Find a price that suits your requirements. Then after she met a boy, Andy Evans, she was raped by him.

Andy finally finds the secret closet Melinda has and Attacks her and tells her to stop spreading lies about him. These conflicts make the book come alive. Laurie Anderson does a great job of characterizing Melinda. She is shown as a girl who is quiet and more keeps to herself. She is afraid mostly of getting hurt. She needed friends that would help her through anything. She is an artistic person who finds art as a way to speak her mind but always struggles because she is afraid of letting her emotions go. She knows that with her friends that opening up will get them back. The setting of this book is very important. There are many different places that Melinda is seen in.

The first chapter of the book talks about the peace-making and de-escalation strategies. It discusses the theoretical approaches of statism, pluralism and populism in reference to the international conflict. The author of the book convinces the reader that effective conflict resolution should make use of convincing power and positive sanctions. Therefore, he argues that win-win solutions are First is the school where she has to go through the whole year with little to know friends. Also not liking it one bit. Another setting is the old janitor closet. This is where she goes and feels that she can be herself.

It is also where Andy Evans confronts her about what she has been saying. This is where she is scared and never wants to return. Setting has a big part of this book. The theme of this book is hard to see in the beginning of the book but towards the end it becomes clear. The theme could be that if you keep the wrong secrets it can hurt you in the end. Melinda keeping the secret of being rapped from everyone was huge. Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson is about the protagonist Melinda Sordino and her journey through her freshmen year at high school. I really enjoyed this book.

Laurie Halse Anderson Speak Analysis Words 3 Pages Perfect In Georgianas Birthmark by Laurie Halse Anderson has the potential to shape a reader, this is because it tells the story Character Analysis Of Melinda In Laura Andersons Speak a Character Analysis Of Melinda In Laura Andersons Speak named Melinda Character Analysis Of Melinda In Laura Andersons Speak cant speak up about the horrible thing that happened to her. Character Analysis Of Melinda In Laura Andersons Speak More. As an example, she remembers the story of when her Social Stratification In Education daughter was born, and Emily got the measles and was not able to share that moment with her family for two whole weeks. Traumatized and not sure of Character Analysis Of Melinda In Laura Andersons Speak to do, Melinda calls the police, but leaves in fright as chaos breaks out and several are arrested.