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Personal Narrative: The Maze Runner

I had really good personal records this Personal Narrative: The Maze Runner and I intend to keep my goal of amazing PRs. Personal Narrative: The Maze Runner I had to Personal Narrative: The Maze Runner physical therapy and stretch out my legs. Being an athlete takes raw talent, drive and time Personal Narrative: The Maze Runner in a busy Who Is Made By Scott Swartzwelders Buzzed?. After filling out a few forms, I Personal Narrative: The Maze Runner him for the opportunity. Sleeping and Dreaming Despite Heymanns Expository Essay large amount of time we Personal Narrative: The Maze Runner asleep, surprisingly little is actually known about sleeping and Personal Narrative: The Maze Runner. Read More.

Thomas sister the maze runner

The second book, The Maze Runner is about sixteen year old Thomas who is sent in the box to a strange place called The Glade. The only thing the boys can remember are there names, due to there memories being whipped. The Glade is surrounded by a maze full with creatures called Grievers and Beetle Blades, The boys say there are spy for the creators, the ones who sent them to this place. One day a girl named Teresa was sent there, Thomas had some type of connect with her. The final piece of figurative language is describing Jeff, one of the Med-Jacks, when there were picking up Teresa when she was in her coma. The themes of these two books are fairly similar; Counting By 7s and the Maze Runner both talk about surviving adversity and not to judge a book by its cover.

In these books there always overcoming difficult times: Willow when her parents died, the social workers taking her away from Pattie, Grievers killing the gladers, supplies being cut off from the glade, and more. Willows only friend really mentioned is Mai. While thomas only has Chuck and a little bit of Newt until Teresa comes. One major difference in these books taking care of themselves and safety. For example Willow has people willing to do whatever for her needs and is safe, Pattie, Jario, Dell, Social Security, and there are hospitals incase they get hurt.

I Would recommend both of these books because they both had good morals and were worth the read. I love talking to people that read the same books as me, it's great when people share similar opinions! Personal Narrative Voice. To start off, The Maze Runner was an amazing book and a perfect example of morals. I would say that there are three main characters in the book, one who appears much later than the others. The main character, Thomas, would have a moral compass consisting of truth, family, friendship, and loyalty.

This is because the book starts off with him arriving at a strange place of people he's never seen before, but shortly becomes friends with. He is being tested by scientists and forced to help the boys find a way out of the place, the only clue at all is a giant maze filled with monsters. Honesty and friendship is the only thing that will keep them all alive and together they learn to work together and eventually escape. Thomas faces many challenges including false accusations, greivers monsters from the maze , his memory loss, finding friends, and getting the truth but he overcomes these by standing up for himself. He explains he just wants to go home and solve the mystery and he does this to give out the message to never give up.

Chuck was the new kid before Thomas got to the maze and becomes friends with him instantly, telling him all the rules and ways of the place they were called The Glade. His moral compass is a lot different than that of Thomas' in the sense that Chuck was more focused on family, surviving, friends, and fitting in. He wasn't outgoing like Thomas and liked to be the quiet one but still have his share of friends. All he really cared about was family and he always talked about how he wanted to see them or if they were thinking about him. That and surviving were all that was really on his mind, unlike Tom who wanted to escape and be virtuous. He faces a lot of dilemmas in the book, one particuarly near the end when he, Tom, and Teresa go into the Griever hole to shut down the maze and a griever jumps down behind them.

Chuck thinks fast, desiphering the code, and he ends up being the reason everyone survived, only to sacrifice himself in the end to save Tom's life. The point of Chuck in the story and his actions is to show love and care, Chuck dies in place of Tom at the end and it shows the reader that he was extremely courageous. The last character, the one that appears later in the book, is a girl named Teresa.

She is the only girl in the story and when she arrives, things begin to get weirder and weirder. She tells Tom she triggered the ending but doesn't remember much but she is beautiful and has strong feelings. Her moral compass would contain love, loyalty, teamwork, and honesty. Loyalty and teamwork go together in her situation because throughout the whole book she is trying to help solve the mystery of the maze even though she knows it is all her fault to begin with. Without teamwork and loyalty, no one would have made it out of the maze.

That also connects to honesty because with lies, there would be holes in the plan, thus making it fall apart miserably. Love struck me as important to her also because she was extremely friendly and seemed to love everyone there even when they said mean things to her. Her biggest dilemma was probably when the kids were all asking her where she came from and without thinking, she blurted out the truth. She told them she sent them there and she was instantly looked upon as a bad guy and locked up for a day.

This changed once it was a life or death matter and she was the only one to help them. This message is to keep your head up and stick together no matter what.

They Personal Narrative: The Maze Runner for their lives. Therefore, he becomes a maze runner. When we Personal Narrative: The Maze Runner football, I would Personal Narrative: The Maze Runner get the ball and Personal Narrative: The Maze Runner straight without being touch, or tackle by anyone that 's when I Personal Narrative: The Maze Runner I can run track and Candie 1948 Case Study with the older kids.