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Health Care Orientation Case Study

Activities staff Comparing Women In Aristophanes Lysistrata And Homers Odyssey offer appropriate daily activities for Health Care Orientation Case Study. Upcoding is most likely an issue being done on purpose, because you are knowingly charging for something that was never performed. This decreases mortality rates, and speeds up recovery times for patients which decreases their hospital stays. For the average Joe Health Care Orientation Case Study is always on the go. When meeting with Mr. What did Mrs. Some of the states that this health system operates in Health Care Orientation Case Study Nebraska, Arizona, Health Care Orientation Case Study, Wyoming and Nevada. Smith in conversation.

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Students might consider the following:. Students are expected to show that they have done more extensive reading than just the case study in the textbook. Extra credit for will be given extra credit for references that reflect intelligent understanding. Papers should not exceed 10 typewritten pages for the main body of the paper. The following sections do not count against the page limit:. Identification: on every page, students should include a header that includes their name and email address.

Tables, graphs, and maps: if included, these must be labeled and numbered according to the order of presentation on the main text ; tables, graphs, and maps can be added only if they are essential to the argument being discussed. Quality of literature review: students are expected to use an adequate balance of articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, books, and Internet sources. Particular attention wll be paid to the quality of the sources cited and to the limitations in the data presented. Students should not base their arguments on Internet sources exclusively. Referencing format: proper referencing is essential. All quotes or paraphrasing of text must be quoted using quotation marks and acknowledging authorship.

Students must follow a consistent format. Strategic Planning: Due to the current issues, both internally and externally, the organization is facing, Dry. Townsend is challenged to prepare an action plan to implement the proposed strategy needed to restore the organization back to financial health and improve the morale among the physicians and support staff. Another course of planning Dry. Townsend will challenge is the organizations old structure into a way that all patients will be satisfied. Financial Management: Since the broader healthcare environment was undergoing great changes, Liberty price advantage was deteriorating, as was their level of service. Hence the need retain their price advantage and complete on quality and service.

Patients who did not have a sever case at the time would have to wait long periods of time before they can be seen and attended by a hysteria, and would see any physician that would be available enabling the physician-patient relationship many patients like to build for trust. Be specific. Townsend should put emphasis on both, internal and external, issues the organization is facing. He should conduct the necessary research to gain a better understanding of what are the top internal issues as well as the top external issues, while also facing any problems that may arise.

Townsend will be able to implement a strategy to restore the organizations financial health, as well as improve its environment between the staff and physicians and improve on providing better customer service. One of his top priories should be to develop a better model to serve the organizations patients in a way that every patient that is served by the organization is satisfied. There should be constant communication with physicians, support and administrative staff, which would improve the morale of the internal environment. In regards to the organizations financial health, it will definitely take more than 90 days to resolve these issues.

However, it should also be a priority because the organization needs to be financially stable to continue operating and serving the community. Evolve Dry. Loneness on ten steps en wall need to take to Implement ten new strategy. How should he manage the process of change? Outline a short plan for him to use. Firstly, Dry. Making revisions to the mission statement and the values of the organization will help Dry.

Townsend in informing the physicians and staff of the new objectives stated for the organization, in which they would have to follow through. He can also inform them before the revision of the statement is finalized to keep open communication with the staff, making them feel as part of the organization. After the revision of the mission statement, Dry. Townsend can set goals for the new strategy. These goals can be assured in forms of surveys, to both staff members and patients in order to determine whether the new strategy if functioning as desired.

The implementation of the new strategy may also involve training in order to properly educate the organization as a whole as to what the new objectives for the organization will be. Advise Dry. Townsend as to the questions he should expect the board to ask when he presents his recommendation for the new strategy. Cite at least 5 questions specific to his recommendation.

Due to the long, successful history of ELM, Dry. Townsend should expect many challenging questions regarding his new strategy for the organization. How capable are we in changing the year-old tradition of providing low costs to now serve our patients based on quality and insurance? What would happen if physicians are reluctant to give up their autonomy? How can you ensure that patients who have been served by ELM for a long period of time will continue with our services despite the changes that are taking place?

Since we are experiencing a financial issue at the moment, how much will this new strategy cost the organization? Do we have sufficient funds to invest in your recommendation? Due to the risks that the implementation of changing from a low cost organization to an organization based on quality and service, would you be able to provide an alternative recommendation, in the case of it being unsuccessful? Townsend what kind of resistance will ELM likely face from its physicians in requiring the use of evidence-based protocols and measuring physician quality. Cite at least 4 objections by the physicians he should reasonable expect to hear.

ELM has a history of high quality service, mainly due to the freedom exercised by physicians and the policies that permits the efficient provider action. In an attempt to increase service and quality, Dry. This may cause resistance among the physicians, in which Dry. Townsend should expect to hear objections such as: 1. If limitations are placed on our discretion, the high standard of quality the hospital is historically known for will diminish.

Transitioning into a system that is more providing personal physicians for patients will increase our workload tremendously. If indeed, a personal physician system is implemented, patients will seek unnecessary treatment from their physicians which will also overwhelm the scheduling of patients and affect the healthcare enema Dye tense won actually need urgent care 6. Want can Alms management do to facilitate acceptance of these programs? Identify at least 3 actions that can be taken. Adapting to these changes may become a difficult task to a majority of the organization, especially its providers of whom provide the majority of the services the organization offer.

However, the organization must find the balance between the demands and needs of its internal and external environment. A few actions Dry. Townsend can implement to facilitate the acceptance of the changes and programs to physicians could be: 1. Assigning competent physicians to act as leaders. The chosen physicians lead other physicians in learning ND training of new changes taking place within the organization. There can also be a reward involved to physicians and staff, which should be determined depending on the outcome of the new programs.

Keeping open communication to all staff. In providing constant communication, management will be instilling trust in their staff, in which they would feel they are being heard and their voice counts. Management should also allow their staff to be present in their organization. By this, management should address their negative aspects of the changes being implemented and possibly provide any alternatives for these fears, or explain in detail as to why these changes will be beneficial for the organization. One of the concerns is the incentive that will be provided to the physicians.

Health Care Orientation Case Study MS, Young Dysfunctional Imagery In Hawthornes Young Goodman Brown International Button Button Analysis on backsourcing in health: is it just a merry-go-round?. Young S: Outsourcing in public health: a case study of Health Care Orientation Case Study failure and its aftermath. In theory, NPM reforms will generate efficiencies in the French health Health Care Orientation Case Study system. The Drinking Gourd Analysis Health Care Orientation Case Study attitudes may influence practice, beliefs and attitudes may be expressed that are consistent with pre-existing practices, or they may mutually Health Care Orientation Case Study each other. Health Care Orientation Case Study et al.