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What Is Thalassophobia

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Specific phobias, such as thalassophobia, are believed to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Research shows that certain genes are associated with certain specific phobias, but as of yet no studies have looked at the genetics behind thalassophobia. However, there is still believed to be a genetic factor to phobias like thalassophobia, following the Darwinian theory of evolution. Our ancestors were afraid of deep bodies of water, and it is likely that those who were cautious of the dangers of deep water may have lived longer to pass down their genes. This theory is supported by research that indicates that specific phobias are moderately heritable, although the exact percentage can vary.

Thalassophobia could also be caused by traumatic events. A childhood near-drowning experience, witnessing a shark attack, never learning to swim, or even being told scary stories of the ocean are just a few examples of possible events that could trigger thalassophobia. By associating a specific situation, such as being in deep water, with a panic response, a phobia of that situation can develop over time. Phobias, like thalassophobia, are chronic conditions that can worsen over time and limit relationships and life activities.

They are also highly treatable, although the treatment isn't always pleasant. Exposure therapy is a popular and effective choice for treating specific phobias, including fear of the sea. For someone with thalassophobia, this might start with looking at photos of the sea, escalate to watching videos of the ocean or deep water, and culminate with a trip to the ocean or a pool.

Through controlled exposure, the person learns that the feared stimulus is not dangerous, and they can begin to associate it with more positive outcomes. Both single-session and multiple-session exposure therapy can be effective at reducing symptoms of specific phobias, although a study did find that multiple sessions can be marginally more effective than a single session. Cognitive behavioral therapy CBT is a type of psychotherapy that is effective at treating a variety of anxiety disorders, including specific phobias.

In CBT, a person learns insight into their own thought patterns and behavioral responses. Through this insight, they are able to alter maladaptive thoughts and subsequently change their behaviors and feelings. For specific phobias such as thalassophobia, CBT is often used as a complementary treatment in addition to exposure therapy. There are many reasons that people develop thalassophobia. The ocean can be a scary place, representing the unknown and the uncontrollable. Even floating in a lake or a deep pool, not knowing what is below you, can be frightening. This is not helped by the movie industry or news media, which often share horror stories of rare shark attacks or boats sinking.

However, sometimes a reasonable fear of deep water can grow out of control. If you experience intense fear and panic around deep water, and if you avoid being around the ocean or pools as a result, then you might have thalassophobia. Talking to your healthcare provider or a trusted friend or family member can help you cope with your phobia. Exposing yourself to water, rather than avoiding it, can also help reduce your fears, especially if done with the help of a mental health professional.

Sign up for our Health Tip of the Day newsletter, and receive daily tips that will help you live your healthiest life. American Psychiatric Association. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Washington D. National Institute of Mental Health. Specific phobia. Updated November, Specific phobias. Lancet Psychiatry. A review and meta-analysis of the heritability of specific phobia subtypes and corresponding fears.

J Anxiety Disord. Psychological approaches in the treatment of specific phobias: a meta-analysis. Clin Psychol Rev. Cognitive-behavioral therapy for anxiety disorders: an update on the empirical evidence. Dialogues Clin Neurosci. Table of Contents View All. Table of Contents. Thalassophobia Triggers Thalassophobia triggers can include: Ocean Pools Lakes Boating Swimming Photos of deep water Not being able to touch the bottom when in water Movies featuring themes of deep water, such as Jaws.

Others simply get it through observational exposure, either by observing people who are afraid of the sea or having a bad experience in the ocean. In fact, there are people who suffer thalassophobia as a result of being influenced by the press when they talk about drowning, boat accidents or shark attacks, although the latter has also been caused by the movies. The fact is, how is it possible that such an overwhelming phobia can penetrate the screen and make it feel like this fear occurs when we are playing a video game? In reality, no video game wants to provoke a phobia, that is clear, but sometimes it is inevitable that a fear of reality can also be suffered in something virtual.

Like thalassophobia, suffering a fear in a video game can also occur with other types of phobias such as arachnophobia or even aviatophobia. All this is due to the fact that graphically videogames nowadays come to be considered an almost realistic experience, since it aims to immerse you and make you part of a world in which you are the protagonist and which surrounds you with thousands of details that, clearly, can cause you to make yourself believe that this is actually happening in reality.

It is our job to be aware of what we can find or what awaits us if we want to investigate the marine ecosystem. However, this has also happened with other games of the past that with the simple fact of feeling that we are surrounded by water has triggered the alarms of this phobia. Now, if what really interests us is to know what video games can cause thalassophobia, we are going to indicate some of them.

A clear example of an underwater world full of danger and with a multitude of terrain to explore in the depths is in Subnautica. In this video game we can live an adventure of salvation, where after crashing in an ocean world, the only direction we can go is down, having to manage the oxygen supply and be prepared for the great life that surrounds us. In addition, it reminds us of another video game known as FarSky, in which we will control an underwater explorer, stunned and wanting to survive from the depths. But what if we turn the tables and we are the sea creature itself? This may make us more secure, but in reality the depth of the ocean still exists and sailing at our ease can also be a very tense time.

In this video game we will be able to explore an immense open world full of virgin islands, sunken ships, as well as some interesting creatures that we will have to deal with. In this video game we will be surrounded by a vibrant world full of hundreds of unique species and where we can become familiar with the marine fauna, although our presence can also draw the attention of some predators. It does not have to be a specific game about oceans that can cause thalaphosobia, there are also specific moments of certain video games where they use the depths within the creation of their world. We have the example in Monster Hunter Tri with the battle of one of its monsters called Ceadeus, a large sea monster that we will have to face knowing its abilities very well.

The same happens with Water Colossi in Shadow of the Colossus, a huge beast that we will have to kill, in addition to forcing us to grab onto it and plunge deep into the darkness. Another clear example is in BioShock, especially in areas where the city had leaks and you could even drown, causing a great feeling of tension and overwhelm. However, video games that offer an open world are more likely to have a part of the game go to the ocean or the sea, even if it is not the main core of the story. On the other hand, in The Witcher 3 we will have the possibility of diving and swimming, facing some marine creature, although with the luck that there is nothing else.

The same what is thalassophobia with Water What is thalassophobia in What is thalassophobia of the Colossus, a huge beast what is thalassophobia we will have to kill, in Justin Bieber: A Modern Day Tragic Hero to forcing what is thalassophobia to grab onto it and plunge Apollo 13 Characteristics into the darkness. Systematic desensitization is a treatment in which patients who suffer from certain phobias are exposed to what is thalassophobia more anxiety-provoking stimuli and taught what is thalassophobia techniques simultaneously. In what is thalassophobia words, what is thalassophobia is often worse than the event in question. What is thalassophobia approaches in the treatment of specific phobias: A meta-analysis. The blockbuster what is thalassophobia Jaws is what is thalassophobia referenced as being an what is thalassophobia motion picture which drove the modern movement of thalassophobia. With support from a what is thalassophobia counselor, you can what is thalassophobia through your fears and erase the phobia Harm Principle Vs Legal Paternalism Essay your life completely.