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Juvenile Delinquents In Prison

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We live in a society that should be concerned with the way it manages teenagers who are deviant. Today, our juveniles are viewed as individuals to be feared rather than rehabilitated. Rarely are issues with juvenile crime and punishment treated under the rehabilitative philosophical basis parens patriae, instead youths are sentenced in juvenile facilities or even adult prisons for status offenses. They are placed in a community with expert criminals, and as a result, continue the lifelong journey of crime. A theory that is brought about many times is that if one is under aged and violates the law then one is automatically a juvenile.

Behind every delinquent lies a story, why or how they became this way? The goal for these people from what most would say is incarceration. Juvenile Delinquency is the name of a certain level of social existence and relations with others. They are positioned as delinquent by activities directed at the attempt to control juvenile behavior. Overview Incarceration systems are referred to as being schools for crime. There is a general idea that the incarceration of offenders creates a more.

Youthful offenders go to juvenile justice charged with the different detention custody, diagnosis. They DYS has to employ medical, dental, psychiatric, social work, psychological, investigative, legal. The History of Juvenile was Massachusetts in the and children charged with crimes and any other defendant under age seven. Initial Theory and treat juvenile offenders also guidance rather than as criminals. Children 's court was made for children criminals to give them a punishment appropriate for their age because kids are very different from adults. The kids being tried as adults either committed really bad crimes like murder and armed. The premise of recidivism is based on two elements which are the perpetration of crime and a juvenile who repeatedly commits a crime.

Moreover, poor living conditions, family relations, education, employment are one common profile of recidivists. Cilingiri, Show More. Read More. Recidivism Definition Words 5 Pages If a person has committed a previous offence a harsher punishment must be issued. Essay On Juvenile Justice System Words 7 Pages Juveniles in the justice system need an alternative to incarceration because incarceration has been proven to increase criminal activity instead of providing a rehabilitation system for the juveniles. Police use and maintain authority in public, ignoring manners in which this is done.

Stop and search has been a conventional and problematic tactic in this, can be highly emotive and if misused it can be harmful to the trust and confidence of young people in the police. What is worrying more than unders had been stopped and searched in less than five years period, including even toddlers. Those under the age of eighteen do not have the legal rights given to adults; since we do not treat them as adults, it does not make sense to sentence them as such. Biological studies also have found that teenagers make impetuous decisions and cause trouble because their underdeveloped brains lack the ability to look at future repercussions for their actions.

Moreover, teenagers are still at an age that they are easily influenced by their environment. They succumb to peer pressure which can push them into doing crimes by the virtue of wanting to be accepted. Furthermore, they should be placed into the juvenile justice system, a safe environment in which allows young criminals to learn from the mistakes they make, rather than into adult jails, a place in which harden criminals could physically and mentally harm them. To sum up, the United States justice system should not try adolescents as adults because there are many neurological and external factors that differentiate them from adults; moreover, it is a must that we reform the United States juvenile justice system in order to help these.

Growing up can be a difficult time for any child, especially when going through their adolescent years. Children are still becoming acquainted with the concept of what differentiates right and wrong. These children can be easily influenced by the people around them, such as: parents, relatives, siblings, friends, teachers, neighbors, or people, in general, of whom they are accompanied with on a daily basis. But what happens when children are surrounded by neglectful, abusive parents, or are always with a crowd of seditious delinquents? The programs that are presented to children on television, on the radio, or articles and blogs on the internet can tremendously affect their thought process on the way they view the world. Adolescents are the most common minors that are imprisoned in adult penitentiaries and the most common crimes that they are convicted for are homicide, rape, assault with a deadly weapon, or other serious felony.

Juvenile offenders are only tried as adults if they are arrested and charged for a severe crime such as homicide or rape or if they have a past criminal record. Any other crime that a minor might commit will be handled in a juvenile court, which focuses more on rehabilitating the young convict rather than sentencing them harshly and serving hard time in prison with the dangerous adult …show more content… Wanting to be independent can make a child want to rebel against their parents and thus disobeying their will. The more rebellious they become, the more serious their actions can be and can result in them committing a crime. Even though they start out small, without proper punishment or a reality check, these young individuals can end up committing a hideous crime that can lead them in prison with older more dangerous criminals.

Inside prison is a whole different world and does in fact change them, whether or not these juvenile criminals are ever let out of prison depending on their. Williams is one of many young adults facing the prospect of life in prison as the debate over whether juveniles should be tried as adults rages on. The Justice Department estimates that about 10 percent of all homicides are committed by juveniles under the age of Nearly every year, the FBI arrests more than 33, young adults under the age of 18 for offenses. The number of violent crimes committed by young people declined substantially from the s to , but then surged again that year, with the estimated number of juvenile murder offenders increasing 30 percent, according to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

Juvenile Judge Elizabeth Crnkovich, one of five judges in Douglas County's juvenile courts -- a system Williams has been through in the past -- says there is a disturbing trend of increasing violence among young people. And I see as a result of that, more prosecutors and the citizens generally seem to be exerting more pressure to charge these youths as adults, as opposed to having them processed through the juvenile justice system," she said.

Juvenile courts focus on rehabilitation, unlike adult jails and prisons, where criminals are subject to incarceration and much harsher sentences. Today, virtually every juvenile offender who has a past criminal history, or is arrested for a violent crime like rape or murder, is tried in an adult court. The trend began in the s, when virtually every state expanded the rules under which juvenile offenders could be charged as adults. In May, the Supreme Court handed down a decision that will soften sentences against some juveniles.

The nation's highest court ruled that juvenile offenders who haven't been convicted of murder cannot be sentenced to life in prison without any chance of parole. The United States was the only country, prior to the ruling, that did not have a such a law. Opponents of trying juveniles in adult courts say more needs to be done for the nation's young criminals, and that the law needs to take into account their psychological development and maturity.

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