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This is often done for doctors of medicine. For other doctors, it is not common, even if the use is increasing, following the Anglo-Saxon custom. Basically one has to be consistent with the address: a letter sent to "Dr N. German has two types of general salutations that are mutually distinguishable from one another—a formal and an informal form. The formal form distinguishes between the male or female gender of the recipient as a matter of courtesy. The male formal salutation begins with Sehr geehrter Herr , while the female formal salutation begins with Sehr geehrte Frau. Both formal salutations are followed by the recipient's academic degree if any and the recipient's family name e. It is possible but uncommon to include the full name e.

Sehr geehrter Herr Johann Schmidt. Due to insufficient functionality of computer software used for mass communication, some companies tend to use more clumsy gender neutral formal salutations e. Informal salutations in German tend to begin with Hallo , meaning "hello", which is used universally, written and spoken, and which is gender neutral. Depending on the region, informal salutations also tend to begin with Moin north of Hannover , Servus typically in the south and south west , or other words, although only used by locals.

A more personal informal salutation begins with Lieber male or Liebe female , meaning "dear", e. Lieber Paul , Liebe Annette —the latter should only be used if the recipient has been actually met in person or similar. It should be used with care because it can be otherwise perceived as patronizing or inappropriate, depending on the difference in age or social status. Specific salutations appear in German very similar to the way they do in English, with the exception that in the address block of a letter German must include all or multiple salutations that can be abbreviated Herr Dr.

Schmidt , or Herr Prof. The same applies to female variant, Sehr geehrte Frau Prof. Further details in the German Wikipedia article de:Anrede. In position of the English "Dear" are the words "Poojya", "Aadarneeya", or "Priya" from most formal to most informal , for social writing e. They would not usually be used for business writing. The second may be used in some instances, for example if writing to a teacher.

Of these, "Shri" and "Shrimaan" are used to respectfully address married or presumed married men. Shri is most commonly used salutation in Hindi for a married male, while for a married woman, Shrimati is used. For unmarried and young boys Kumar is used, whereas Kumari is the salutation used for unmarried and young girls. The standard Italian salutation uses the normal style of address to the recipient of the letter, followed by a comma:.

If the corresponding person is a doctor or holds Ph. Same rules is practiced in military environments. Most expressions must be modified to account for addressee gender and number. Caro , for example, becomes:. Addressee titles can be professional and are often preceded by Sr. Arquitecto — Arq. Architect , Engenheiro — Eng. Engineer , Padre — Pe. Each military or ecclesiastic rank has one abbreviation, and, historically, nobility ranks also had one—for example, one of the ways of addressing the Portuguese Monarch would be Sua Majestade Your Majesty abbreviated as S. Informal salutations may or may not be followed by the name of the addressee, and almost never contain any titles.

It is also preferred to write out a person's title when addressing a letter and abbreviations such as Prof. Pink Mr. Blue Mr. Lisp Ms. Villains Wiki. Villains Wiki Explore. Top Content. TimeShade TyA. Pure Evil Terms. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Billy Loomis. View source. History Talk 0. Do you like this video? Play Sound. Villain Overview. I think she wants a motive. Well, I don't really believe in motive, Sid. I mean, did Norman Bates have a motive? Did they ever really decide why Hannibal Lecter liked to eat people? Don't think so! See, it's a lot scarier when there's no motive, Sid.

She's the reason my mom moved out and abandoned me. How's that for a motive? Maternal abandonment causes serious deviant behavior. I mean, it sure fu-ked you up. A helicopter and some loyalist soldiers greet him. Although Korshunov rejects his promise to let the hostages go once Radek is released, Marshall secretly executes a backup plan. Using a glass shard to cut through his bonds, Marshall frees himsels and kills the remaining two terrorists, including Kolchak. Korshunov drags the First Lady into the cargo hold, using her as a hostage. Marshall opens up the cargo hatch and wraps a parachute cord around Korshunov's neck before telling him to get off his plane, and letting it go, snapping his neck and causing him to be flung from the plane.

His dead body then floats away into the distance towards an unknown fate, still attached to the parachute. With Korshunov and his henchmen dead, Marshall calls Petrov to call off the release. The prison guards tell Radek to halt, but the tyrant makes a run for the helicopter as a gun battle erupts between the loyalists and the prison guards. Just as he reaches the helicopter, he is shot to death by snipers. Despite this, Korshunov is a very brutal man, ready to slaughter anyone without hesitation in order for his demands to be met, including ladies and kids.

Korshunov did so without mercy or pity and often turned on the intercom system so the President could hear his co-workers beg for their lives and pass on. Korshunov claims that he knows what he is doing is wrong, but he would turn his back on God himself for his country, making him truly believe his views to the point of severe radicalism. Korshunov was also a highly brilliant guy, having successfully taken over Air Force One nearly single handed, and got into a cat-and-mouse game with the President of the United States, which he nearly won.

McGregor Mrs. Ellie Staple. Mott Dr. Collins Blood Countess. Blonde Eddie Cabot Mr. White Mr. Pink Mr. Blue Mr. Lisp Ms. Villains Wiki.

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