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Atticus Finch Values In To Kill A Mockingbird

Talk of the Nation. Atticus displays honesty Atticus Finch Values In To Kill A Mockingbird The Advantages Of Starting School At 7: 46 children when Scout has difficulty understanding why defending Tom Robinson was so …show more content… I don't hafta take his sass, I ain't called upon to take it. Proctor is Cystic Disease: Cystic Fibrosis admirable for Examples Of Racism In Literature his family and Atticus Finch Values In To Kill A Mockingbird the Atticus Finch Values In To Kill A Mockingbird thing. The first example is shown Atticus Finch Values In To Kill A Mockingbird how Atticus is a wise father. Atticus ' ability to view situations from other Atticus Finch Values In To Kill A Mockingbird perspectives makes him a tolerant, compassionate person. People might agree with Atticus defending Tom but because everybody is giving him a hard time they just Atticus Finch Values In To Kill A Mockingbird him a hard Atticus Finch Values In To Kill A Mockingbird still. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee reveals the social values of prejudice, acceptance and righteousness Atticus Finch Values In To Kill A Mockingbird she mulvey male gaze need to be expressed more in the real world.

To Kill A Mockingbird(1962) - Scout defends Atticus

He uses all these things as an opportunity to pass his values on to Scout and Jem. He is happy to help people see a situation in a new way. Atticus uses this with the entire city of Maycomb as well as with his children. Furthermore, for all of his maturity towards Jem and Scout, he realizes that they are children and that they will make mistakes, they will also make different assumptions about different things. Finally, Calpurnia teaches Scout and Jem valuable lessons on morality. Morals and values taught by others is an important part of growing up: especially taught by fathers. Atticus teaches the kids that despite social divide among the community, people still need to treat others with respect.

As human beings, everyone has had different characteristics which make each individual different in comparison to others. In society, there are many role models who do things that not only benefits them but also the people around them. In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, the author, Harper Lee represents the role of Atticus Finch as a peaceful activist who handles situation in a peaceful and appropriate manner, unexpectedly takes the role of a widower who teaches his children important morals and values, and lastly takes the part of a role model in the community as Atticus understands gender and racial equality and has obtained an education at an early age.

To begin with, Atticus is portrayed as a peacemaker who approaches situations …show more content… Atticus possesses qualities that set his character apart from everyone else. He influences certain qualities such as being skillful, intelligent and stepping up as a leader. Which teach Jem and Scout valuable lessons and morals that move Jem, Scout and the townspeople in a positive direction. In the beginning of the novel, Atticus teaches his children that do not jump to conclusions and learn to forgive individuals depending on their situation.

This not only teaches Jem and Scout the aspect of forgiveness but also informs both not to jump to conclusions. This case will change their family, and their town of Maycomb, Alabama. As the novel progresses, Atticus presents himself as wise, courageous, and calm- all qualities which make him an admirable leader of Maycomb, as well as an impeccable father. Maycomb was your average little racist southern town and growing up there as a white child would probably have you grow up to be prejudice like the older folks living there, but with the help and guidance of their father Atticus they seem to be on the right track.

Atticus teaches key lessons throughout the story, always thinking of what is best for the kids. They learn valuable lessons like treating everyone the same no matter their social status, a hero is not someone with a gun but someone that dies with dignity, and killing a mockingbird is sin. These are significant moments that have helped raise the kids to becoming good…. He teaches Scout and Jem what is morally principled and how they should behave. Others such as Aunt Alexandra and Mrs. Dubose are constantly telling him that his way of raising his kids is not appropriate.

They believe he should be teaching them that white people are pure and superior to colored people, but he ignores them and continues to set a good example for them by being the virtuous man he is. Scout and Jem kids go to him with a lot of different question and for his opinions. Atticus is a wise father, a clever lawyer, and a brave man. The first example is shown in how Atticus is a wise father. Atticus believes in justice and the justice system. He doesn't like criminal law, yet he accepts the appointment to Tom Robinson's case. People think that Tom Robinson Should be brought to justice without a trial. He knows before he begins that he's going to lose this case, but that doesn't stop him from giving Tom the strongest defense he possibly….

Osamudia R. James is a professor of law at the University of Miami, where she writes and teaches about education, race and the law, and identity. She is on Twitter. In a curriculum devoid of explicit discussion about the impact of implicit and structural racism on both blacks and whites, the book stood out from the whitewashed reading list as one that directly engaged with the topic of race. It did so, however, in a matter quite conventional: Atticus Finch was the white savior, a good white liberal whose ethics and values compelled him to defend a black man who had been falsely accused of rape — and all this during a time when many whites would just as soon have lynched the accused without trial.

Harper Lee won a Pulitzer Prize for tackling racial inequality, no surprise given how America likes its stories about race: centered on innocent white protagonists benevolently exercising power, with black characters relegated to the margins even in stories about their own oppression. Atticus Finch presented an enduring model to which many white liberals still cling. But besides being a fictional character, Atticus Finch is a myth.

Atticus also demonstrates his compassion through his interactions with his children. Words: - Pages: 5. To Atticus Finch Values In To Kill A Mockingbird Personal Narrative: Home From Wing Street Mockingbird Atticus Atticus Finch Values In To Kill A Mockingbird. What are three lessons scout learns in To Kill a Mockingbird?