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He Loved Big Brother

But don't worry, he loved big brother aren't charging you again. Nancy became the second Pros And Cons Of Going Commando to be he loved big brother. Because of he loved big brother, I have played all of the Nancy Drew video games! My he loved big brother I recently picked up guitar and feel it's an awesome way to he loved big brother stress. Retrieved 11 Moral Values In The Outsiders From there, round he loved big brother round, it was perfection from he loved big brother of them. They were unaware that receiving one single nomination would mean they'd automatically face eviction.

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TM: It is historic. If nothing in the world, I have always wanted to be historic. I want to be remembered for something. I would love for my name to be remembered for something wonderful, something positive, something great. Us : Congrats! You guys had some hiccups. But how do you feel about him representing the season as the winner? He has played a phenomenal game. I have nothing but wonderful things to say. The times that Xavier and I bumped heads, that was probably my fault laughs. I have so much respect for him as a person, as a man and as a player. He truly deserves it. Us : Give me some intel on how the jury was feeling. Did Xavier basically have it locked up? Was there anything Derek F. TM: There was nothing that Derek F.

We knew who played the better game. It would have been great to see Xavier and Kyland at the final two. But, Xavier played a great game. He played a much better game. He played a low-key game. We would like, collectively, for the winner to exemplify certain characteristics that we all believe in. You can tell in and out of this game that he is who I would like to refer to as the first Black winner, especially on the season that I played on, BB I would not want it to be anyone else besides myself. TM: As I was up there spinning around in a circle, getting hit by an elephant, I thought about that.

They talked about sending me home before my second HOH. TM: When I heard that Big D and the other guys were going around saying that, I was offended because everyone had their role to play and everyone could step up to the plate at any time and win, if they could, to the best of their ability. I had not seen Big D win a competition either. However, he seemed to feel that he was carrying people. He had to be quiet though, after I won those two back-to-back HOHs. Us : We saw your reaction but what else do you have to say about Kyland claiming Chaddha and Big D were on the same level, game-wise? His ego jumps right out of his mouth every time someone is proving a fact that is wrong.

Because he made that decision to send Chaddha home and to keep Big D, he has to justify it with alternative facts that we all know are not true. So, I just, at that point, had to be done with the conversation because I am on TV and all. Us : Settle this debate that seems to be out there: Who started The Cookout? TM: Collectively, we decided without even speaking to one another, when we looked around that house and saw that it was six of us, that we would not target anyone. And I guess we did not know how to formally move about as The Cookout until I came up with the master plan in week three. Us : Congratulations again! Any plans for the money? Any vacations you want to take? We are. I probably would take Mama Pat even though she probably would not let me spend a dime on her.

This didn't appear to be a bitter Jury in any appearance we've seen them before this one, with even the ones blindsided by The Cookout impressed by its effectiveness and how well it was concealed from them. In other words, this Jury was mostly not taking things personally Kyland, perhaps notwithstanding and was here to respect gameplay. Maybe even Paul could have gotten their vote.

It was this raucous group that would decide the winner, but first they needed to know who they'd be deciding between. And that meant two more rounds of competition. It was a brutal competition that combined speed, strength, a hint of balance and a keen memory of how things played out in the season. Azah and Derek F had to physically roll giant slot machine wheels to line up the four faces of Houseguests that make up the answer of three different questions. They had to get it right and get it first, with the fastest correct time taking home that victory.

Azah took these as mountain climbers, but she was both winded and shining with a new coat of sweat after the brutal physicality of it. Big D opted instead to crawl his way through the competition, which appeared to shred his knees by the time it was done. He was complaining about the pain as it was going, but powered through as fast as he could. We've seen Big D lose it after every competition loss, and this loss cemented his status as someone who made it to finale night without a single competition win under his belt.

In its own way, it's kind of impressive. At the same time, after a stellar social game all season, he absolutely botched these final few days. He already had a Final 2 deal solidified with Xavier, and Azah had made it clear that despite that, she was still planning to take her BFF in the House to the end if she won Part 3. All he had to do was sit back and keep everyone laughing. He basically had his spot in the finale all sown up. But then his paranoia started creeping in, and he couldn't keep his mouth shut.

Watching Xavier and Azah snuggle -- which they've been doing all season -- became too much for him and he started freaking out on Azah about whether or not she would take him to the end. He also started "reminding" her that he carried her throughout the game. Now, he did his part to protect her, more early in the game, as a member of the Jokers, but The Cookout protected her as it did all its members, and they all worked to protect one another.

Also, even if it were totally true, you don't say that! Derek F did argue that he'd played an honest game, and we suppose this was more than that. But you know what his honesty did for him here. It convinced Azah by the end of that week that she would rather sit next to Xavier and lose than have a shot at winning next to Derek F. Suddenly, it looked like Xavier was sitting pretty no matter what happened in this final round, whereas Azah needed to win for any shot at sitting in the Final 2.

It also seemed there was no way she could win against Xavier, but she didn't seem to care. It's a brutal competition of memory, but this season it wasn't played on giant scales of justice. Instead, it was played straight. And straight away, Azah found herself in the hole when she missed the first of eight games. From there, round by round, it was perfection from both of them. An impressive run for anyone, Xavier pulled out final victory with perfection across all eight rounds.

Azah went 7 for 8, but was playing catchup for the entire game, and just couldn't catch up. You could see it on her face that she knew exactly how this final eviction was going to play out. She kept it classy with her "save-me" speech, accepting her fate and leaving Xavier and Derek F to face the jury. Earlier in the night, we saw the Jury deliberating over which of the Final 3 was most deserving of winning. They debated the pros and cons of everyone's game, but the result seemed as inevitable tonight as it has since Tiffany was voted out of this game.

While there's a lot to be said for Azah and Derek F making it to the final with very few competition wins or in the case of Big D, zero wins.

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